To define the baseline prevalence of clinical comorbid features in pediatric individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders (NDD), we have developed PhenomAD-NDD. It currently has clinical data of 42,411 individuals with NDD with in total 3,041 HPO-terms.

Using PhenomAD, it is possible to look up your HPO term/clinical feature of interest, by inputting it in the search bar at the top of the page. The HPO term of interest will be brought into focus. Hovering over the HPO term will display the HPO term, HPO ID and prevalence of that clinical feature in PhenomAD-NDD, our cohort in Nijmegen and the data from the literature. The structure of the visualization is derived from the structure of the HPO terms: so child nodes in HPO are connected in PhenomAD-NDD as well.

In this manner, we aim to evaluate the prevalence of every comorbid clinical feature in this patient population and make these available to all.

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